Tanks , Pump Station

Designed as an addition to any storage tank system, the pump station features:
  • Air-operated Pump system with level alarm running on a low 12 V supply,
  • Designed to be used with new or used oil, antifreeze, diesel or other bulk product application. Contact supplier for more information,
  • Remote pump unit can be mounted on a table top or a wall,
  • In-tank level sensor, that when activated will shut-down the pump and automatically start a siren and strobe light or any other accessories connected to the system,
  • Pump Station will start manually by pushing a button on panel. Release button to stop pump from transferring,
  • In addition, operator can use a timer on the unit panel which enables the pump system to operate by it-self for a pre-determined time between 1 to 15 minutes while always being monitored by the level alarms (which automatically shut down if sensor(s) are activated).
  • Includes an air pressure regulator and air pressure gauge ensuring that the maximum operating air pressure is not exceeded.
  • When a tank condition occurs (i.e.: high of low level depending set-up), the pump unit will go into an alarm mode, activating siren(s), strobe light(s) and shutting down the pump via a solenoid valve which cuts the air supply. Siren(s) can be silenced but Strobe light will flash until tank condition has been resolved.


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