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The high commission of industrial security is a part of the ministry of interior.it is responsible for development and implementation of security,safty and fire protection strategies kingdom-wide.

The national security of saudi arabia,including the security of the economy and the well being of its population,depends directly on physical and operational safty of all types of industrail facilities across saudi arabia.therefore,the HCIS shall have the ultimate authority of administering these requirements.

The HCIS is the "authority having jurisdiction"

In the past the HCIS was known as HCISS and worked to an old set of standards.the name was changed to HCIS and a new set of standards were issued by royal decree in 2010.these new standards are the SEC and SAF directives and must be applied to ever industrial project in Saudi Arabia. The security directive is number 3870 dated 12/2/1431 Hajiri,  and the safety directive number is 3871 dated 12/6/1431 Hajiri. the dates equate to 20 May 2010 Gregorian.

HCIS approval for security and safety systems is NOT blanket approval. it is an individual approval for each and every project no matter the owner or type of project.

PMC with its experts can provide with the best expertise and consultancy services for all your projects which required HCIS approval, we can study your requirement and propose a comprehensive package that meets HCIS requirement and Approval,


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