Quality Management

PMCJubail utilizes a formal Quality Management System that is focused on the identification, documentation and implementation of the design, engineering, procurement and construction management requirements of a project and satisfying the Client's requirements regarding the quality of the work. The PMCJubail Quality Management System relies upon the use of PMCJubail formal plans and procedures, and any Client specified project procedures, to define and control processes that have a direct effect on project quality.


The purpose of the PMCJubail Quality Management System is to provide a means of ensuring project activities conform to the design criteria, specifications, applicable industry codes and standards, and that the final product is safe, functional, reliable and cost effective. The Quality Management System serves to compliment the innovative design process at PMCJubail. The PMCJubail Quality Management System Manual provides a broad overview of the scope of the PMCJubail Quality Management System and how it is implemented within Client projects.

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